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Vermont Statues Online

One of the most important resources in the law is obviously the Vermont statutes.  While we are all governed by Federal Law, the Feds allow States to make many of their own decisions.  Above is a link to the Vermont Statues, the place you will find all the law that governs Vermont.  It is long and convoluted and so you should not try to interpret the Statues yourself.  Please contact us for help understanding the law. 

Wondering who your judge might be? Click here.

We practice in front of many judges.  Judges are on a rotation and move from court to court so if you are interested in knowing who your judge might be you can access this resource to find out, or of course, you can just ask your attorney. 

Information on Jury Service

We assume that because you are reviewing our site, you are in need of an attorney.  However, if you are interested in understanding more about serving as a juror, you can use this link.  It will bring you to the Vermont Judiciary page regarding juries.  If you are charged with a crime, or have a civil issue that will require a jury, it doesn’t hurt to understand a bit about how jurors come to be and what they experience in the process.  Click the above link to review the process.

Information on Criminal Cases - Forms

If you have been charged with a crime it is likely you will experience a process that uses forms and processes found on this page of the Vermont Judiciary Website.  If you would like to get a better understanding of what you might experience you can explore this site.

Approved Bail Bond Agents

For most people charged with serious crimes, bail is an important part of the court process.  Often people do not have the money to make bail that is set in a serious case, but Bail Bond Agents can help make it more affordable.  It is important to get reputable people and companies to work with you in this regard.  This is a state approve list to access for information on who is approved.

Vermont Judiciary Divorce Information

Information on divorce can be accessed through a number of different avenues.  The Vermont Judiciary provides quality resources that are reliable.  This link provides some general information that may be helpful if you are going through a divorce in Vermont.  Please keep in mind that often divorce can become quite complex and legal representation is critical to get the best results for you and your family.

MAGUIRE LAW ASSOCIATES COURT CALENDAR (Click on this link and then scroll to Dan Maguire) :

Our court calendar can be found on line.  If we already represent you, this may be a way to check your court date for district court cases.  Be sure to call our office if you have any questions about your scheduled court date.