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Maguire Law Associates, PLC has been defending Vermonters charged with crimes and supporting those with legal issues since it opened in 2002.  The expansive experience of the firm allows us to be efficient with hours but highly effective in our outcomes. Maguire Law Associates, PLC is also a small business and we understand Vermonters.  Your need for a hometown touch with respect for your views can be expected.  This means that you will see results, experience follow through and be respected about the number of hours necessary to do the work.  Criminal defense is a specialty.  It takes attorneys who stay up on the law. A good lawyer must keep their eyes open at all times when dealing with the prosecution and recognize the evidence for what it is and not what the prosecution might present it to be. This is exactly what you will find with Maguire Law Associates, PLC.  Your phone call to us will be your best call on your worst day.

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Our Experience Shows!

Maguire Law Associates, PLC works with multiple investigators and experts in defending cases for the Vermonters we are honored to represent.  It is extremely important to leave no stone unturned and to follow leads to the end in all cases.  It is our practice to do so; to ensure quality and personalized legal representation to each of our clients. If you want to receive personal phone calls from your attorney instead of a secretary or associate, if you want to fully understand your case, and if you want to have the experience and skill necessary in your case to make the difference, call Maguire Law Associates, PLC for a free consultation.  We talk straight, work hard, and are dedicated to our clients.